Les Brigades de lecture

Client : PaQ’la Lune

Website made with WordPress for “Les Brigades de lecture”, actors playing the role of brigadiers who travel throughout France to make known and accessible to all contemporary theater.

The idea is to subtly suggest both the world of reading and that of brigades.
The fonts had to be chosen amongst free font. The strong Sans serif typeface is reminiscent of the brigades’ military universe. The text of labor, an elzevir, recalls the paper support. The page is sometimes divided in two, echoing the open pages of books.
The PaQ’la Lune Association has several theater projects, and Les Brigades de lecture is represented by the color green. A dynamic green has been reused for highlight text and links, to contrast with the ubiquitous bluish black, a nod to the midnight blue used by the graphic charter of PaQ’la Lune.